Metastable gravitons and infinite volume extra dimensions

  title={Metastable gravitons and infinite volume extra dimensions},
  author={Gia Dvali and Gregory Gabadadze and Massimo Porrati},
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Diluting the cosmological constant in infinite volume extra dimensions

We argue that the cosmological constant problem can be solved in a braneworld model with infinite-volume extra dimensions, avoiding no-go arguments applicable to theories that are four-dimensional in

Stability of self-accelerating solutions in modified gravity models

The observed accelerated expansion of the universe is one of the big issues of modern cosmology. One possible way of understanding it is by modifying General Relativity so that gravity is weaker at

Natural braneworlds in six dimensions and the cosmological constant problem

The observed accelerated expansion of the universe is successfully parameterized by a cosmological constant. However, since this parameter in Einstein's equations is not protected against quantum

Weakly coupled metastable graviton

A graviton of a nonzero mass and decay width propagates five physical polarizations. The question of interactions of these polarizations is crucial for viability of models of massive/metastable

Softly Massive Gravity

Large-distance modification of gravity may be the mechanism for solving the cosmological constant problem. A simple model of the large-distance modification — four-dimensional (4D) gravity with the

Multi-Scale Physics from Multi-Braneworlds

This Thesis presents a study of higher dimensional brane-world models with non-factorizable geometry. It is shown that in the context of multi-brane world constructions with localized gravity the

Massive gravity on a brane

At present no theory of a massive graviton is known that is consistent with experiments at both long and short distances. The problem is that consistency with long distance experiments requires the

Theoretical Aspects of Massive Gravity

Massive gravity has seen a resurgence of interest due to recent progress which has overcome its traditional problems, yielding an avenue for addressing important open questions such as the

Gravity in Extra Dimensions of Infinite Volume

In this thesis, we discuss various aspects of the Dvali-Gabadadze-Porrati (DGP) model in D-dimensions. Firstly, we generalize the DGP model, which consists of a delta-function type 3-brane embedded


We discuss the gravitational Higgs mechanism in domain wall background solutions that arise in the theory of five-dimensional Einstein–Hilbert gravity coupled to a scalar field with a nontrivial



A Large mass hierarchy from a small extra dimension

We propose a new higher-dimensional mechanism for solving the hierarchy problem. The weak scale is generated from the Planck scale through an exponential hierarchy. However, this exponential arises


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