Metaprogramming Applied to Numerical Problems

  title={Metaprogramming Applied to Numerical Problems},
  author={Mario Mulansky and Karsten Ahnert},
From the discovery that the template system of C++ forms a Turing complete language in 1994, a programming technique called Template Metaprogramming has emerged that allows for the creation of faster, more generic and better code. Here, we apply Template Metaprogramming to implement a generic Runge-Kutta scheme that can be used to numerically solve ordinary differential equations. We show that using Template Metaprogramming results in a significantly improved performance compared to a classical… 
An approach to support legacy systems reengineering to MDD using metaprogramming
This paper presents an approach for Software Reengineering of a legacy application using MDD and metaprogramming, and obtains a object-oriented model based on legacy application code and database and uses it as basis to metaprograms perform code generation.
Reducing time and effort in legacy systems reengineering to MDD using metaprogramming
This article presents an approach for Software Reengineering of a legacy application from its database, using MDD and metaprogramming, and was evaluated through the reengineering ofA legacy system in the academic domain from a database with 155 tables.
Towards a completely extensible dynamic geometry software with metadata
The solution, presented in this work, provides extensibility to simple and complex data types, unary and binary operations, type conversions, functions and visuals, thus enabling developers to seamlessly add new features to SLGeometry by implementing them as C# classes annotated with metadata.
Metadata-Supported Object-Oriented Extension of Dynamic Geometry SoftwareTI


Parameterized Types for C++
Type parameterization is the ability to defrne a type in terms of another, unspecifled, type. Versions of the parameterized type may then be created for several particular parameter types. A language
Computing in Object-Oriented Parallel Environments
Introducing a mechanism of object archiving and transmission has enabled a natural extension to a parallel algorithm and showed good performance on a networked PC cluster, for sufficiently coarse granularity.
Using C++ template metaprograms
A casket body is provided with one or a plurality of chambers into which a fluid substance is injected for distending the chambers to cause the casketBody to assume an erect position for use.
Design Patterns
This book offers an easy-to-reference library of design patterns as well as some principles of object-oriented programming to help readers become better designers.
C++ Templates are Turing Complete
We sketch a proof of a well-known folk theorem that C++ templates are Turing complete. The absence of a formal semantics for C++ template instantiation makes a rigorous proof unlikely.
Numerical recipes in C++: the art of scientific computing, 2nd Edition (C++ ed., print. is corrected to software version 2.10)
  • W. Press
  • Economics, Computer Science
  • 1992
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Deterministic nonperiodic flow
Finite systems of deterministic ordinary nonlinear differential equations may be designed to represent forced dissipative hydrodynamic flow. Solutions of these equations can be identified with
Numerical Methods for Ordinary Differential Equations
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