Metapopulation structure in the lagoon cockle Cerastoderma lamarcki in the northern Wadden Sea

  title={Metapopulation structure in the lagoon cockle Cerastoderma lamarcki in the northern Wadden Sea},
  author={Karsten Reise},
  journal={Helgoland Marine Research},
Benthic invertebrates in discontinuous inshore habitats and with short or no pelagic larval dispersal are likely to exhibit regional metapopulation dynamics with partially isolated local populations. Near the island of Sylt, the bivalve Cerastoderma (Cardium) lamarcki (Reeve, 1844, syn. in part with C. glaucum Bruguiére, 1789) was widespread in intertidal seagrass beds, coexisting with the sibling species C. edule (Linné, 1758). However, the last C. lamarcki in this habitat was found in 1980… CONTINUE READING
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