[Metapneumovirus expands the understanding of Paramyxovirus cell fusion--a review].


For most viruses in Paramyxoviridae, cell fusion requires both attachment protein and fusion protein. The attachment protein is responsible for the binding to its cognate receptors, while the interaction between fusion protein and attachment protein triggers the fusion protein which is responsible for the fusion. However, the Metapneumovirus fusion in Pneumovirinae subfamily displayed different mechanism where the attachment protein is not required. The cell fusion is accomplished by fusion protein alone without the help of the attachment protein. Recent studies indicate that low pH is required for cell fusion promoted by some hMPV strains. The fusion protein of aMPV type A is highly fusogenic, whereas that of type B is low. The original fusion models for Paramyxovirus cannot explain the phenomenon above. The mechanism to regulate the cell fusion of Metapneumovirus is poorly understood. It is becoming a hot spot for the study of cell fusion triggered by Paramyxovirus where it enlarged the traditional scope of Paramyxovirus fusion. In this review, we discuss the new achievements and advances in the understanding of cell fusion triggered by Metapneumovirus.

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