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Metaplectic Iwahori Whittaker functions and supersymmetric lattice models

  title={Metaplectic Iwahori Whittaker functions and supersymmetric lattice models},
  author={Ben Brubaker and Valentin Buciumas and Daniel Bump and Henrik P. A. Gustafsson},
In this paper we consider Iwahori Whittaker functions on n-fold metaplectic covers G̃ of G(F ) with G a split reductive group over a non-archimedean local field F . For every element φ of a basis of Iwahori Whittaker functions, and for every g ∈ G̃, we evaluate φ(g) by recurrence relations over the Weyl group using “vector Demazure-Whittaker operators.” Specializing to the case of G = GLr, we exhibit a solvable lattice model whose partition function equals φ(g). These models are of a new type… 
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