Metaphoric Discourse in the Age of Cognitive Linguistics, with Special Reference to Tunisian Arabic (TA)

  title={Metaphoric Discourse in the Age of Cognitive Linguistics, with Special Reference to Tunisian Arabic (TA)},
  author={Zouhair Maalej},
L'A. se situe dans le cadre theorique de la linguistique cognitive developpee par Lakoff et Johnson (1980), qui considere que notre systeme conceptuel par lequel nous experimentons et comprenons la realite, est domine par la pensee metaphorique. Dans une perspective interculturelle destinee a comprendre comment les individus appartenant a d'autres cultures structurent leur experience du monde et leur mode de pensee, il examine ici les metaphores conceptuelles utilisees en arabe tunisien, en se… 

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I should like to respond to Professor Schon's chapter by replaying his theme several octaves lower. In my opinion, he has struck exactly the right set of notes. “Problem setting” should indeed be

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The central thesis is that human inference processes are governed by the same analogical mappings manifest as metaphors in language, resulting in an induced invariance hierarchy.

The Metaphorical Process as Cognition, Imagination, and Feeling

  • P. Ricoeur
  • Psychology, Philosophy
    Critical Inquiry
  • 1978
This paper will focus on a specific problem in the somewhat boundless field of metaphor theory. Although this problem may sound merely psychological, insofar as it includes such terms as "image" and

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It is shown that meaning is not compositional in the usual sense, and that blending operates to produce understandings of composite forms, and two fundamental aspects of this general process are pointed out: cross-space mapping of counterparts, and integration of events.

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