Metaphor and Thought

  title={Metaphor and Thought},
  author={Donald G. MacKay and Toshi Konishi and Andrew Ortony},
Preface to first edition Preface List of contributors 1. Metaphor, language and thought ANDREW ORTONY Part I. Metaphor and Meaning: 2. More about metaphor Max Black Figurative speech and linguistics Jerrold M. Saddock The semantics of metaphor L. Jonathan Cohen Some problems with the notion of literal meanings David E. Rumelhart Metaphor John R. Searle Language, concepts, and worlds: Three domains of metaphor Samuel R. Levin Observations on the pragmatics of metaphor Jerry L. Morgan Part II… Expand
Scientific metaphors going public
Abstract Studies of scientific metaphors have largely focused on the existence, application, and function of metaphors in specialist scientific discourse, in some way overlooking the use ofExpand
The Story of Conceptual Metaphor: What Motivates Metaphoric Mappings?
Research into conceptual metaphor has improved our understanding of metaphoric mapping, but because researchers have largely ignored the concrete expressions that constitute metaphoric groupings,Expand
Framed! Metaphor in Educational Psychology and Society
“Metaphors can kill”. That is the first sentence of a popular and widely circulated paper by George Lakoff about the 1990-91 Gulf war (Lakoff, 1991). His assertion is surprising. Especially if youExpand
Development of Metaphorical Thought before Language: the Pragmatic Construction of Metaphors in Action
The analysis undertaken shows the need for a research programme with a developmental orientation that considers metaphor to be a product of the intertwining between the individual and social dimensions of cognitive development, and suggests this programme should find its roots in the analysis of the semiotic skills that precede the acquisition of metaphorical language. Expand
Analyzing Metaphor in Literature: With Examples from William Wordsworth's "I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud"
In this essay I present the outlines of a cognitively motivated, discourseanalytical approach to metaphor in poetry. I will begin by emphasizing that analysis has to be seen in the context of theExpand
Metaphor Wars: Conceptual Metaphors in Human Life
The study of metaphor is now firmly established as a central topic within cognitive science and the humanities. We marvel at the creative dexterity of gifted speakers and writers for their specialExpand
Metaphors We Serve By: Investigating the Conceptual Metaphors Framing National and Community Service and Service-Learning
"But indeed, words are very rascals since bonds disgraced them." William Shakespeare, Twelfth Night Conceptual Metaphors Two decades ago George Lakoff and Mark Johnson (1980) persuasively argued inExpand
The identification of metaphor
A number of philosophers, linguists and psychologists have made the dual claim that metaphor is cognitively significant and that metaphorical utterances have a meaning not reducible to literalExpand
A Davidsonian Response to the Dead Metaphor Problem
In his article, " What Metaphors Mean, " Donald Davidson presented his own unique theory of metaphor. While this theory has proved to be influential, there seems to be one problem which a DavidsonianExpand
. What Is Metaphor?: a Tentative Characterization
Metaphor has traditionally been construed as a linguistic phenomenon: as something produced and understood by speakers of natural language. So understood, metaphors are naturally viewed as linguisticExpand