Metalwork and Enamelling

  title={Metalwork and Enamelling},
  author={S. Rees Jones and Herbert Maryon},

The Craft of the Goldsmith in Wielbark Culture in the Light of the Finds from the Cemetery at Weklice, Elbląg Commune and Other Necropolis of Roman Period from Elbląg Heights. Technological Studies of Selected Aspects

The paper presents selected aspects the goldsmithery of Wielbark culture in Roman period. Based on analyzes of chemical composition of fi nds from the cemetery at Weklice, site 7, Elbląg commune and

Enamel insert restorations on Limoges painted enamels: A study on a remarkable nineteenth-century restoration technique with particular attention to the original paillon designs

Abstract Two sixteenth-century Limoges painted enamel plaques by Léonard Limosin in the collection of the J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles, show a remarkable restoration technique consisting of

Technology at the transition: relationships between culture, style and function in the Late Iron Age determined through the analysis of artefacts

The principle aim of the thesis was to examine the technology of Late Iron Age decorated metal work at a time of dynamic change from both internal and external factors. The objects chosen for this

The manufacture of Minoan metal vessels: theory and practice

This study aims to establish the equipment and methods used to make hammered metal vessels in Crete during the Bronze Age. It combines archaeological research with metalsmithing practice. The most

La métallurgie du Levant au Bronze Moyen à travers les armes

Cette etude porte sur la metallurgie des alliages cuivreux du Bronze Moyen dans la region du Levant. Le corpus etudie est constitue d’armes provenant des sites libanais de Byblos, d’Arqa, de Khariji

The Early Painted Enamels of Limoges in the Walters Art Museum: Historical Context and Observations on Pasttreatments

Abstract The Walters Art Museum has one of the most significant collections of enamels in the world and one of the largest collections of painted enamels from Limoges. The early painted enamels,