Metalloprotease-Dependent Onset of Blood Circulation in Zebrafish

  title={Metalloprotease-Dependent Onset of Blood Circulation in Zebrafish},
  author={Atsuo Iida and Kazuya Sakaguchi and Kiyoaki Sato and Hidetoshi Sakurai and Daigo Nishimura and Aya Iwaki and Miki Takeuchi and Makoto Kobayashi and Kazuyo Misaki and Shigenobu Yonemura and Atsuo Kawahara and Atsuko Sehara-Fujisawa},
  journal={Current Biology},
The primitive blood circulation requires intravascular plasma flow. However, it remains unclear whether the onset of earliest blood circulation is dependent solely on establishment of a functional circulatory organ or whether it also requires active processes inherent in blood cells. In this study, we present novel mechanisms for the onset of blood circulation by monitoring fluorescently labeled blood precursors and blood vessels in zebrafish. The earliest blood circulation occurs synchronously… CONTINUE READING
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