Metallocyclo- and polyphosphazenes containing gold or silver: thermolytic transformation into nanostructured materials.


A cyclotriphosphazene bearing two 4-oxypyridine groups on the same phosphorus atom, gem-[N(3)P(3)(O(2)C(12)H(8))(2)(OC(5)H(4)N-4)(2)] (I), and its analogous polymer [{NP(O(2)C(12)H(8))}(0.7){NP(OC(5)H(4)N-4)(2)}(0.3)](n) (II), have been used to prepare gold or silver, cyclic and polymeric, metallophosphazenes. The following complexes, gem-[N(3)P(3)(O(2)C(12… (More)
DOI: 10.1002/chem.200902180


12 Figures and Tables

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