Metallic High-Pressure Microfluidic Pump with Active Valves

  title={Metallic High-Pressure Microfluidic Pump with Active Valves},
  author={Roger Bod{\'e}n and Urban Simu and J. Margell and Mikko Lehto and Klas Hjort and Greger Thornell and J A Schweitz},
  journal={TRANSDUCERS 2007 - 2007 International Solid-State Sensors, Actuators and Microsystems Conference},
We present for microfluidics the strongest yet mechanical micropump in sub-cm3 size, using simple processes and materials such as Parylene coated stainless steel stencils, paraffin, and copper clad polyimide. The pump consists of two active valves and one pumping chamber, each operated by a paraffin actuator. Each actuator is driven by a square pulse… CONTINUE READING