Metal saturation in the upper mantle

  title={Metal saturation in the upper mantle},
  author={Arno Rohrbach and Chris G. Ballhaus and Ute Golla–Schindler and Peter Ulmer and Vadim S. Kamenetsky and Dmitry V. Kuzmin},
The oxygen fugacity fO2of the Earth’s mantle is one of the fundamental variables in mantle petrology. Through ferric–ferrous iron and carbon–hydrogen–oxygen equilibria, fO2 influences the pressure–temperature positions of mantle solidi and compositions of small-degree mantle melts. Among other parameters, fO2 affects the water storage capacity and rheology of the mantle. The uppermost mantle, as represented by samples and partial melts, is sufficiently oxidized to sustain volatiles, such as H2O… CONTINUE READING