Metal-olefin bond energies in M(CO)5(C2H(4-n)Cln) M = Cr, Mo, W; n = 0-4: electron-withdrawing olefins do not increase the bond strength.


Metal-olefin bond dissociation enthalpies have been calculated for the series of complexes M(CO)5(C2H(4-n)Cln), M = Cr, Mo, W; n = 0-4 using density functional theory. Experimental values of the bond enthalpies have been measured for M(CO)5(C2H(4-n)Cln) M = Cr, Mo, W; n = 2 (vinyl chloride), 3, and 4 using laser photoacoustic calorimetry in n-hexane… (More)
DOI: 10.1021/jp9027468


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