Metal-metal interactions as a function of bridging ligand topology: an electrochemical, spectroelectrochemical, and magnetic study on dinuclear Oxo-Mo(V) complexes with various isomers of dihydroxynaphthalene as bridging ligand.


Reaction of [MoV(TpMe,Me)(O)Cl2] with 1,3-, 1,5-, 1,6-, 2,6-, and 2,7-dihydroxynaphthalene affords the dinuclear complexes [[Mo(TpMe,Me)(O)Cl]2(mu-C10H6O2)], abbreviated as 1,3-Mo2, 1,5-Mo2, 1,6-Mo2, 2,6-Mo2, and 2,7-Mo2, according to the substitution pattern of the bridging ligand. Electrochemical, UV-vis/NIR spectroscopic, and variable-temperature… (More)


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