Metal-induced lethality and mutagenesis: possible role of apurinic intermediates.

  title={Metal-induced lethality and mutagenesis: possible role of apurinic intermediates.},
  author={Roeland M. Schaaper and R M Koplitz and L. K. Tkeshelashvili and L. A. Loeb},
  journal={Mutation research},
  volume={177 2},
The possible mechanisms by which various metals exert their mutagenic effects were investigated using both chemical and biochemical techniques. Ions of Cu, Ni and Cr enhanced the release of either adenine [Cu(II) and Ni(II)] or guanine [Cr(VI)] from DNA as measured in a chromatography assay, suggesting the possible importance of depurination in metal-induced mutagenesis. Transfection experiments with single-stranded bacteriophage phi X174 DNA indicated that micromolar levels of Cu(II), Cr(III… CONTINUE READING

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