Metal gate work function adjustment for future CMOS technology

  title={Metal gate work function adjustment for future CMOS technology},
  author={Qiang Lu and Ronald Lin and Pushkar Ranade and Tsu-Jae King and Chenming Calvin Hu},
  journal={2001 Symposium on VLSI Technology. Digest of Technical Papers (IEEE Cat. No.01 CH37184)},
CMOS transistors were fabricated using a single metal, [110]-Mo, as the gate material. [110]-Mo shows a high work function value that is suitable for PMOSFETs, and, with nitrogen implantation, its work function can be reduced to meet the requirements of NMOSFETs. The change in Mo work function can be controlled by the nitrogen implant parameters, which is potentially useful for multiple-V/sub T/ technology. TEM and EDS analysis show that Mo gate electrodes are stable after undergoing a… CONTINUE READING