Metal-gate FinFET and fully-depleted SOI devices using total gate silicidation

  title={Metal-gate FinFET and fully-depleted SOI devices using total gate silicidation},
  author={Jakub Kedzierski and Edward D. Nowak and Thomas Kanarsky and Ying Zhang and D H A Boyd and Raymond Carruthers and Cyril Cabral and Ryan C Amos and Christian Lavoie and R. Roy and J. S. Newbury and Elaine Sullivan and Jason Jon Benedict and Peter Saunders and K. Wong and D. Canaperi and M. Krishnan and K.-L. Lee and B M Rainey and D. M. Fried and P. E. Cottrell and H.-S. Philip Wong and Meikei Ieong and W. Haensch},
  journal={Digest. International Electron Devices Meeting,},
Metal-gate FinFET and FDSOI devices were fabricated using total gate silicidation. Devices satisfy the following metal-gate technology requirements: ideal mobility, low gate leakage, high transconductance, competitive I/sub on//I/sub off/, and adjustable V/sub t/. Six silicide gate materials are presented, as well as two silicide workfunction engineering methods. 
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