Metal-free oxidative fluorination of phenols with [18F]fluoride.

  title={Metal-free oxidative fluorination of phenols with [18F]fluoride.},
  author={Zhanghua Gao and Yee Hwee Lim and Matthew Tredwell and Lei Li and Stefan Verhoog and Matthew N Hopkinson and Wojciech Kaluza and Thomas Lee Collier and Jan Passchier and Mickael Huiban and V{\'e}ronique Gouverneur},
  journal={Angewandte Chemie},
  volume={51 27},
Positron emission tomography (PET) is a molecular imaging technique that captures functional or phenotypic changes associated with pathology. This research field is currently fuelled by the need for conceptually new F-radiolabeling methods to satisfy clinical demand. F-labeled aryl derivatives are highly sought after in the context of both drug and radiotracer development because of their advantageous metabolic profile for in vivo applications. The most challenging targets are aryl precursors… CONTINUE READING

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