Metal-binding properties of a calcium-dependent monoclonal antibody.

  title={Metal-binding properties of a calcium-dependent monoclonal antibody.},
  author={Thomas P. Hopp and Byron M. Gallis and Kathryn S. Prickett},
  journal={Molecular immunology},
  volume={33 7-8},
The calcium-dependent mAb, M1 (also called anti-Flag or 4E11) was studied using a newly developed metal-sensitive enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA). This antibody, specific for a calcium complex of the peptide antigen, Asp-Tyr-Lys-Asp-Asp-Asp-Asp-Lys, has found widespread use as a mild purification reagent for Flag-epitope tagged recombinant proteins. Although M1 affinity columns release monovalent Flagged proteins in the absence of calcium, the antibody retains substantial affinity for… CONTINUE READING