Metal Oxide Films from Carboxylate Precursors

  title={Metal Oxide Films from Carboxylate Precursors},
  author={William Watson Davison and S. G. Shyu and R. D. Roseman and Relva Chester Buchanan},
Zirconium oxide and Ba{sub 2}YCu{sub 3}O(7-X) metal oxide films were prepared from carboxylate precursors. The zirconia films were prepared from Zirconium octoate and the Ba-Y-Cu-O compound synthesized from a mixture of the metal neodecanoates. Dense, adherent ZrO{sub 2} films were obtained on silicon. Dense, superconducting Ba-Y-Cu-O films were also fabricated utilizing the octoate-derived ZrO{sub 2} as a bonding surface and diffusion buffer. Preparation methods for thin oxide films using… CONTINUE READING


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