Metal Cloth from Wolfram Wires as Part of Composites

  • Eliška Chrpová, Hana Ledererová
  • Published 2009


At present there is vast scope for metal textiles, welded nets and other special products applied in practically all branches of industry (the automobile, aviation, foodstuffs, chemical, rubber and building industries). Metal textiles are also used for decorative purposes (Dancing House and the National Theatre in Prague, etc.). As in all branches of industry we need unconventional materials for the best application. The producers must be sure that all their products have no defects, faults or other undesired properties. Our research work was devoted to the new application of wolfram wires. We solved a possibility to create cloth from wolfram wires. The best property of wolfram is its thermal resistance and high strength. These properties are needed for application in cosmos industry. Wolfram wire finds the usage especially in composites as is for example the composite where wolfram fabric is an armature and copper is matrix. For development and effective usage of composites it is necessary to recognize the properties of wolfram and possibilities to create cloth by weaving. This paper is therefore devoted to wolfram wires and their characteristics and possibility how to weave and how to use them as composites.

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