Metal Chelating Crosslinkers Form Nanogels with High Chelation Stability.

  title={Metal Chelating Crosslinkers Form Nanogels with High Chelation Stability.},
  author={Jacques Lux and Minnie Chan and Luce Vander Elst and Eric Schopf and Enas Ahmed Mahmoud and Sophie Laurent and Adah Almutairi},
  journal={Journal of materials chemistry. B},
  volume={1 46},
We present a series of hydrogel nanoparticles (nanogels) incorporating either acyclic or cyclic metal chelates as crosslinkers. These crosslinkers are used to formulate polyacrylamide-based nanogels (diameter 50 to 85 nm) yielding contrast agents with enhanced relaxivities (up to 6-fold greater than Dotarem®), because this nanogel structure slows the chelator's tumbling frequency and allows fast water exchange. Importantly, these nanogels also stabilize Gd3+ within the chelator… CONTINUE READING
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