Metaheuristics for Score-and-Search Bayesian Network Structure Learning

  title={Metaheuristics for Score-and-Search Bayesian Network Structure Learning},
  author={Colin Lee and P. V. Beek},
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Structure optimization is one of the two key components of score-and-search based Bayesian network learning. [] Key Method We analyze different aspects of local search with respect to OBS that guided us in the construction of our methods. Our improvements include an efficient traversal method for a larger neighbourhood and the usage of more complex metaheuristics (iterated local search and memetic algorithm). We compared our methods against others using test instances generated from real data, and they…
Structure Learning of Bayesian Networks by Finding the Optimal Ordering
This work proposes to increase the search space, which can facilitate escaping from local optima and presents search operators with majorizations, which are easy to implement and achieve significant accuracy improvement.
Improved Local Search with Momentum for Bayesian Networks Structure Learning
This paper designs a framework, incorporating an influential perturbation factor integrated by three proposed operators, to escape current local optimal and improve the dilemma that outcomes trap in local optimal.
An Experimental Analysis of Anytime Algorithms for Bayesian Network Structure Learning
An extensive evaluation of the anytime behavior of the current state-of-the-art algorithms for Bayesian network structure learning (BNSL) finds that a local search algorithm based on memetic search dominates the performance of other state of theart algorithms when considering anytime behavior.
Efficient Bayesian Network Structure Learning via Parameterized Local Search on Topological Orderings
The limits of ordering-based local search are outlined by showing that it cannot be used for common structural constraints on the moralized graph of the network and for two further natural modification operations on the variable orderings.
Bayesian Network Structure Learning with Side Constraints
This paper proposes an approximate method based on local search that is capable of efficiently handling a variety of prior knowledge constraints, including an important class of non-decomposable ancestral constraints that assert indirect causation between random variables.
Improved Local Search in Bayesian Networks Structure Learning
We present a novel approach for score-based structure learning of Bayesian network, which couples an existing ordering-based algorithm for structure optimization with a novel operator for exploring
Scalable Bayesian Network Structure Learning via Maximum Acyclic Subgraph
A heuristic method is presented that scales up to networks with hundreds of variables and provides quality guarantees in terms of an upper bound for the score of the optimal network and solves the maximum acyclic subgraph problem fast using integer linear programming.
An incremental Bayesian network structure learning algorithm based on local updating strategy
This work adopted a balanced decomposition for the structure, found the sub-network needed to be updated, and updated it to obtain the new network to improve the efficiency and accuracy of this algorithm.
Optimizing Regularized Cholesky Score for Order-Based Learning of Bayesian Networks
This work proposes a novel structure learning method, annealing on regularized Cholesky score (ARCS), to search over topological sorts, or permutations of nodes, for a high-scoring Bayesian network, and establishes the consistency of the scoring function in estimating topologicalsort and DAG structures in the large-sample limit.
Approximate Learning of High Dimensional Bayesian Network Structures via Pruning of Candidate Parent Sets
This paper explores a strategy towards pruning the size of candidate parent sets, and which could form part of existing score-based algorithms as an additional pruning phase aimed at high dimensionality problems.


Ant colony optimization for learning Bayesian networks
Ordering-Based Search: A Simple and Effective Algorithm for Learning Bayesian Networks
It is shown that ordering-based search outperforms the standard baseline, and is competitive with recent algorithms that are much harder to implement.
Structural learning of Bayesian networks using local algorithms based on the space of orderings
This article proves the correctness of the method used to evaluate each ordering, and proposes some efficient learning algorithms based on it that are based on the Hill-Climbing algorithm, and uses an improved neighbourhood definition.
Machine Learning of Bayesian Networks Using Constraint Programming
This paper proposes an improved constraint model that includes powerful dominance constraints, symmetry-breaking constraints, cost-based pruning rules, and an acyclicity constraint for effectively pruning the search for a minimum cost solution to the model.
The Linear Ordering Problem: Instances, Search Space Analysis and Algorithms
A detailed search space analysis of available benchmark instance classes that have been used in various researches suggests that adaptive restart algorithms like iterated local search or memetic algorithms are promising candidates for obtaining high performing algorithms.
Learning Bayesian Networks with Thousands of Variables
A novel algorithm that effectively explores the space of possible parent sets of a node on the basis of an approximated score function that is computed in constant time and an improvement of an existing ordering-based algorithm for structure optimization.
Learning Bayesian network structures by searching for the best ordering with genetic algorithms
A new methodology for inducing Bayesian network structures from a database of cases based on searching for the best ordering of the system variables by means of genetic algorithms using genetic operators developed for the traveling salesman problem.
Bayesian network learning with cutting planes
The problem of learning the structure of Bayesian networks from complete discrete data with a limit on parent set size is considered and it is shown that this is a particularly fast method for exact BN learning.
Efficient Structure Learning of Bayesian Networks using Constraints
  • Cassio Polpo de Campos, Q. Ji
  • Computer Science
    J. Mach. Learn. Res.
  • 2011
A branch-and-bound algorithm is presented that integrates structural constraints with data in a way to guarantee global optimality and the benefits of using the properties with state-of-the-art methods and with the new algorithm, able to handle larger data sets than before.
Learning Optimal Bayesian Networks Using A* Search
Empirical results show that the A* search algorithm significantly improves the time and space efficiency of existing methods on a set of benchmark datasets.