Metagenomic Analyses of Viruses in Stool Samples from Children with Acute Flaccid Paralysis

  title={Metagenomic Analyses of Viruses in Stool Samples from Children with Acute Flaccid Paralysis},
  author={J. G. Victoria and A. Kapoor and L. Li and O. Blinkova and B. Slikas and C. Wang and A. Naeem and S. Zaidi and E. Delwart},
  journal={Journal of Virology},
  pages={4642 - 4651}
  • J. G. Victoria, A. Kapoor, +6 authors E. Delwart
  • Published 2009
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Journal of Virology
  • ABSTRACT We analyzed viral nucleic acids in stool samples collected from 35 South Asian children with nonpolio acute flaccid paralysis (AFP). Sequence-independent reverse transcription and PCR amplification of capsid-protected, nuclease-resistant viral nucleic acids were followed by DNA sequencing and sequence similarity searches. Limited Sanger sequencing (35 to 240 subclones per sample) identified an average of 1.4 distinct eukaryotic viruses per sample, while pyrosequencing yielded 2.6… CONTINUE READING
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