Metadata Management: A Requirement for Web Warehousing and Knowledge Management

  title={Metadata Management: A Requirement for Web Warehousing and Knowledge Management},
  author={Gilbert W. Laware},
This chapter introduces the need for the World Wide Web to provide a standard mechanism so individuals can readily obtain data, reports, research and knowledge about any topic posted to it. Individuals have been frustrated by this process since they are not able to access relevant data and current information. Much of the reason for this lies with metadata, the data about the data that are used in support of Web content. These metadata are non-existent, ill-defined, erroneously labeled, or, if… 

Data Warehousing and Mining : Concepts , Methodologies , Tools , and Applications

The aim of the chapter is to propose a comprehensive set of solutions for conceptual modeling according to the DFM and to give the designer a practical guide for applying them in the context of a design methodology.

Web Content Mining: A Solution to Consumer's Product Hunt

This paper presents a review of some very interesting, efficient yet implementable techniques from the field of web content mining and studies their impact in the area specific to business user needs focusing both on the customer as well as the producer.

Research on the Techniques for Effectively Searching and Retrieving Information from Internet

This paper presents a review of some very interesting, efficient yet implementable techniques from the field of Web content mining and study their impact in the area specific to business user needs focusing both on the customer as well as the producer.

Categorization of High-Dimensional Knowledge-Based Representations of File Data Using Abstract Self-Organizing Maps

The paper discusses the current and potential impact of metadata, the current paradigm for file organization, Teuvo Kohonen’s traditional SOM algorithm along with my new adaptation of it, and preliminary results which show that the algorithm is in fact effective in these situations.

Knowledge Management in Safety-Critical Systems Analysis

Knowledge management in the design of safety-critical systems addresses the question of how designers can share, capitalize, and reuse knowledge in an effective and reliable way. Knowledge management

Desktop Relational Search or One Way AI could save us from our Files

This work has thought hard about what types of applications this metadata-driven system might allow us to take advantage that the authors cannot today, and it is conceivable that in time this could be expanded with functionality to tag a group of related images together, or to propagate changes to “like” images.

Biological and Information Systems Approaches

The impersonal and generalized models of business activity (and cognitive operations) inherited from social sciences have not proved fertile, but the individual Biological and Information Systems Approaches and personal models of memory and cognition found in biological and related sciences offer some promise in light of recent advances.

Evaluation of Data Mining Methods

  • Paolo Giudici
  • Computer Science
    Encyclopedia of Data Warehousing and Mining
  • 2009
Several classes of computational and statistical methods for data mining are available, and the problem is to choose the “best” model from it.

A Successive Decision Tree Approach to Mining Remotely Sensed Image Data

SDT aims at constructing more interpretable decision trees while attempting to improve classification accuracies by using samples in the ill-classified branches of a previous resulting decision tree to construct a successive decision tree.



Knowledge Management: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools and Applications

This collection will provide libraries with the defining reference to the field and set the standard for all fundamental and emerging models within the discipline.

Getting Knowledge Management Right: Lessons from Failure

A case study of an organization in Hong Kong that shares typical characteristics with other organizations with strong awareness of KM, yet experienced failure of its program in two years showed that KM activities carried out in the organization were fragmented and not supported by members.

Exploring the Extent and Impediments of Knowledge Sharing in Chinese Business Enterprise

This study explores the extent and impediments of knowledge sharing in Chinese firms because they are becoming dominant entities in the global economy, yet limited research exists on this important

Managing Intellectual Capital and Intellectual Property within Software Development Communities of Practice

In this article, we will develop a framework for educational software development teams that recognizes the conflicts and tensions that exist between the different professional groups and will assist




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