Metachromins R—T, New Sesquiterpenoids from Marine Sponge Spongia sp.

  title={Metachromins R—T, New Sesquiterpenoids from Marine Sponge Spongia sp.},
  author={Yohei Takahashi and Mika Yamada and T. Kubota and J. Fromont and J. Kobayashi},
New marine natural products from sponges (Porifera) of the order Dictyoceratida (2001 to 2012); a promising source for drug discovery, exploration and future prospects.
The order Dictyoceratida is a valuable source of novel chemical structures which will continue to contribute to a new era of drug discovery. Expand
The Role of Spongia sp. in the Discovery of Marine Lead Compounds
The present review covers the literature from 1971 to 2015 and includes studies on the intraspecific diversity of a Mediterranean species, compounds isolated from associated sponge and nudibranch and compounds isolate from S. zimocca and the red seaweed Laurentia microcladia. Expand
Meroterpenes from Marine Invertebrates: Structures, Occurrence, and Ecological Implications
The structures and bioactivities of meroterpenes from marine invertebrates, mainly sponges and tunicates, are summarized and the issue of a potential microbial link to their biosynthesis is outlined. Expand


Metachromins R--T, new sesquiterpenoids from marine sponge Spongia sp.
Three new sesquiterpenoids, metachromins R--T (1--3), have been isolated from an Okinawan marine sponge and showed modest cytotoxicity. Expand