Metacapacitors: Printed Thin Film, Flexible Capacitors for Power Conversion Applications

  title={Metacapacitors: Printed Thin Film, Flexible Capacitors for Power Conversion Applications},
  author={Barry Van Tassell and Shyuan Yang and Chengrui Le and Limin Huang and Shuangyi Liu and Paul Chando and Xiaohua Liu and Andrew Byro and Daniel Lin Gerber and Eli S. Leland and Seth R. Sanders and Peter R. Kinget and Ioannis Kymissis and Daniel A Steingart and Stephen J. O'Brien},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics},
The Metacapacitors project aims to improve efficiency, functionality and form factor of offline power converters suitable for LED solid-state lighting, with a view to developing an attractive technology platform for load management and power conversion across a broad range of applications. Based on integrated switched-capacitor (SC) topologies, the project adopts an integrated approach from materials to devices to circuits. We designed capacitors based on high-κ dielectric nanocrystals, that… CONTINUE READING