Metabolites of Nicotinamide in Mouse Urine : Effects of Azaserine *

  title={Metabolites of Nicotinamide in Mouse Urine : Effects of Azaserine *},
  author={Vincenzo Bonavita and S A Narrod and NATHAN 0. KAPLAN},
The injection of high levels of nicotinamide has been shown to cause 8to lo-fold increase in the diphosphopyridine nucleotide content of the liver (1, 2). Conversely, the administration of azaserine causes a 3-fold decrease in liver diphosphopyridine nucleotide (3). In an effort to elucidate the significance of these observations in relation to diphosphopyridine nucleotide synthesis in viva, we have injected nicotinamide-7-Cl4 into mice in the presence and absence of azaserine, and followed the… CONTINUE READING

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