Metabolism of protein-free lipid emulsion models of chylomicrons in rats.

  title={Metabolism of protein-free lipid emulsion models of chylomicrons in rats.},
  author={Trevor G. Redgrave and Raul C Maranh{\~a}o},
  journal={Biochimica et biophysica acta},
  volume={835 1},
Emulsions were prepared by ultrasonication of mixtures of triolein, cholesteryl oleate, phosphatidylcholine and cholesterol in aqueous dispersions, then purified by ultracentrifugation. After injection into rats, the metabolism of the artificial, protein-free emulsions was comparable to the metabolism of chylomicrons collected from rat intestinal lymph during the absorption of fat. Like chylomicrons, the emulsion triacylglycerol was removed from the plasma more quickly than emulsion cholesteryl… CONTINUE READING
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