Metabolism of cyst(e)ine in rat enterocytes.

  title={Metabolism of cyst(e)ine in rat enterocytes.},
  author={Relicardo M. Coloso and Martha H. Stipanuk},
  journal={The Journal of nutrition},
  volume={119 12},
Cyst(e)ine was metabolized by rat enterocytes to pyruvate and inorganic sulfur but not to taurine. Cystine was the major extracellular form of cyst(e)ine present during the incubation, and addition of bathocuproine disulfonate, a copper chelator that maintained 60% of the total cyst(e)ine in the sulfhydryl form, had no effect on total sulfur release from cyst(e)ine. Oxidation of cyst(e)ine to 35SO4(2-) or 14CO2 was reduced by about 50% when unlabeled cysteinesulfinate was added to incubations… CONTINUE READING


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