Metabolism of Sea Urchin Sperm

  title={Metabolism of Sea Urchin Sperm},
  author={Richard Christen and Robert W. Schackmannfl and Bennett M. Shapiroll},
Mitochondria of sperm of the sea urchin Strongylocentrotus purpumtus are tightly coupled before induction of the acrosomal reaction. When the sperm are diluted at low external pH (pH 5.5) or in high potassium (200 m ~ ) or in the absence of sodium, their internal pH is acidic (6.2-7.0) as measured by amine accumulation. Under these conditions the internal ATPase activity (primarily the dynein ATPase) is inhibited, sperm are immotile, and mitochondria are in respiratory state 4 (ATP… CONTINUE READING
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