Metabolism of 5-hydroxytryptophan-14c after intracisternal injection with and without the influence of drugs in the rat brain


After intracisternal injection of 5-hydroxytryptophan-14C (5-HTP-14C), the disappearance of 5-HTP-14C, 5-hydroxytryptamine-14C (5-HT-14C) and 5-hydroxyindoleaceticacid-14C (5-HIAA-14C) in the rat brain, as a function of time, was measured. By this method, the half-life of 5-HTP-14C was 3.5 hrs. Indirectly, the synthesis rate of 5-HT-14C was calculated to be… (More)
DOI: 10.1007/BF00426207


3 Figures and Tables