Metabolism of [(14)c]chlorantraniliprole in the lactating goat.

  title={Metabolism of [(14)c]chlorantraniliprole in the lactating goat.},
  author={Venkat Gaddamidi and Martin T. Scott and Rebecca S Swain and David MacPherson and Chris Lowrie},
  journal={Journal of agricultural and food chemistry},
  volume={59 4},
Metabolism of [(14)C]chlorantraniliprole {3-bromo-N-[4-chloro-2-methyl-6-[(methylamino)carbonyl]phenyl]-1- (3-chloro-2-pyridinyl)-1H-pyrazole-5-carboxamide} was investigated in a lactating goat following seven consecutive daily single oral doses. Each dose was equivalent to 10.4 mg/kg of feed. There was no significant transfer of residues of either chlorantraniliprole or its metabolites into fat, meat, or milk. Chlorantraniliprole and its metabolites accounted for 93.57% of the administered… CONTINUE READING