Metabolische Effekte der Östrogene und Gestagene

  title={Metabolische Effekte der {\"O}strogene und Gestagene},
  author={Heike Ina Kuhl},
  journal={Der Gyn{\"a}kologe},
  • H. Kuhl
  • Published 18 April 1997
  • Medicine
  • Der Gynäkologe
Zum ThemaDer durch Sexualsteroide beeinflußte Metabolismus der Frau wird bereits in der Fetalzeit durch geschlechtsspezifisch unterschiedliche hepatische Enzymaktivitäten geprägt. Die zur Kontrazeption oder Substitu- tionstherapie verwendeten Östrogene und Gestagene bewirken metabolische Veränderungen zahlreicher Laborparameter. Dieser Effekt ist abhängig von der Dosis und der Applikationsweise. Bei oraler Behandlung wirken die Steroide wegen der hohen lokalen Konzentration bei der ersten… 
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Effects of continuous Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) on FSH, lipid profiles, blood chemistry, and skin thickness in menopausal women

HRT administration with progesterone synthetic noretisterone showed an increase of skin collagen synthesis, which was indicated by the significant increase ofSkin thickness, and HRT caused a decrease of total cholesterol level and triglyceride level.

Effect of Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) and low-dose combined oral pill on skin thickness, lipid profile and blood chemistry of menopausal women

The result of this study showed an increase in skin thickness (collagen) in both groups, but Those received low dose oral pill showed more, which can prevent osteoporosis.



The oestrogenic potency of various contraceptive steroids as determined by their effects on transcortin-binding capacity.

The findings clearly indicate that the administration of conventional OCs even those containing low estrogen doses does not cause an estrogen deficiency but rather an estrogen oversupply of the female organism.

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Postmenopausal hormone replacement therapy, using oral unopposed oestrogens, induces potential favourable effects on lipids and lipoproteins, and epidemiological evidence has established that the risk of cardiovascular mortality is reduced by 40-60% in women receiving postmenopausal oestrogen therapy.

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Data indicate that the oral administration of conjugated equine estrogens results in inconsistent effects, as all doses exerted subphysiological, physiological, and pharmacological responses at the different sites of action.

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The divergent effects on indices of bone turnover and connective tissue metabolism suggest that the route of estrogen replacement therapy may have different effects on the integrity of structural tissue in the menopause.