Metabolic syndrome markers in wistar rats of different ages

  title={Metabolic syndrome markers in wistar rats of different ages},
  author={Ana Carolina Ghezzi and Lucieli Teresa Cambri and Jos{\'e} Diego Botezelli and Carla Monique de Aquino Ribeiro and Rodrigo Augusto Dalia and Maria Alice Roston de Mello},
  booktitle={Diabetology & metabolic syndrome},
In recent decades, metabolic syndrome has become a public health problem throughout the world. Longitudinal studies in humans have several limitations due to the invasive nature of certain analyses and the size and randomness of the study populations. Thus, animal models that are able to mimic human physiological responses could aid in investigating metabolic disease. Thus, the present study was designed to analyze metabolic syndrome markers in albino Wistar rats (Rattus norvegicus) of… CONTINUE READING