Metabolic studies of [75Se]selenocystine and [75Se]selenomethionine in the rat.

  title={Metabolic studies of [75Se]selenocystine and [75Se]selenomethionine in the rat.},
  author={Christine D. Thomson and Bridget Robinson and Richard D. Stewart and Marion F. Robinson},
  journal={The British journal of nutrition},
  volume={34 3},
1. The long-term fate in rats of an oral dose of [75Se]selenocystine was compared with that of an oral dose of [75Se]selenomethionine. 2. Urinary and faecal radioactivities were measured during the 1st week and whole-body radioactivity was determined for 10 weeks. Rats were killed at weekly intervals for 4 weeks and at weeks 6 and 10 for analysis of tissue distribution of 75Se. 3. Intestinal absorption of [75Se]selenocystine was 81% of the administered dose; that of [75Se]selenomethionine was… CONTINUE READING