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Metabolic response to starvation, injury and sepsis.

  title={Metabolic response to starvation, injury and sepsis.},
  author={Marinos Elia and J. J. Payne-James and George K. Grimble and D B A Silk},

Randomised control study on early enteral feeding after small gut anastomosis

Information is provided on how to select the players for the 2018 Fifa World Cup, as well as some of the techniques used to select teams in previous editions of the competition.

Evolução do estado nutricional e da composição corporal após cirurgia electiva major

The results seem to corroborate the importance of a systematic surveillance of nutrition status during the perioperative hospital stay and of a timely therapeutic intervention.

Comparison of three screening tools for nutritional status assessment of the elderly in their homes.

MNA appeared to be a more appropriate tool for nutritional assessment of the elderly living in their homes than SGA and MUST, which provided rather subjective evaluation of the nutritional status and did not furnish an in-depth categorization of malnutrition.

Métabolisme du foie

Le foie est compose de differents types cellulaires organises en unites fonctionnelles dotees ďune microcirculation, les lobules. On distingue: −les cellules parenchymateuses (60% des cellules);

The effect of total starvation and very low energy diet in lean men on kinetics of whole body protein and five hepatic secretory proteins.

It is concluded that synthetic rates of hepatic secreted proteins in lean men are more closely related to the rate than the magnitude of weight loss.

Insights into energy requirements in disease.

  • M. Elia
  • Medicine
    Public health nutrition
  • 2005
This paper is almost exclusively restricted to studies that have measured total energy expenditure (TEE) using tracer techniques in both hospital and the community, and continuous 24-hour indirect calorimetry in artificially ventilated patients in hospital.