Metabolic fate of human choriogonadotropin.

  title={Metabolic fate of human choriogonadotropin.},
  author={Bruce C. Nisula and Diana L. Blithe and A H Akar and Genevi{\`e}ve Lefort and R E Wehmann},
  journal={Journal of steroid biochemistry},
  volume={33 4B},
Review of the literature reveals a number of recent insights concerning the metabolic fate of human choriogonadotropin (hCG). In man, only a fraction (21.7%) of the circulating hCG molecules is excreted in urine. Results from animal studies indicate that the retained hCG is taken up by various tissues, principally kidney, liver, and ovary, where degradation occurs. Ovarian uptake is receptor mediated and saturable. Hepatic uptake of hCG is not preceded by desialylation, and blockade of hepatic… CONTINUE READING

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