Metabolic engineering of sesquiterpene metabolism in yeast.

  title={Metabolic engineering of sesquiterpene metabolism in yeast.},
  author={Shunji Takahashi and Yunsoo Yeo and Bryan T. Greenhagen and Tom McMullin and Linsheng Song and Julie Maurina-Brunker and Reinhardt A. Rosson and Joseph P Noel and Joe Chappell},
  journal={Biotechnology and bioengineering},
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Terpenes are structurally diverse compounds that are of interest because of their biological activities and industrial value. These compounds consist of chirally rich hydrocarbon backbones derived from terpene synthases, which are subsequently decorated with hydroxyl substituents catalyzed by terpene hydroxylases. Availability of these compounds is, however, limited by intractable synthetic means and because they are produced in low amounts and as complex mixtures by natural sources. We… CONTINUE READING