Metabolic effects of pivalate in isolated rat hepatocytes.

  title={Metabolic effects of pivalate in isolated rat hepatocytes.},
  author={Larry J. Ruff and Eric P. Brass},
  journal={Toxicology and applied pharmacology},
  volume={110 2},
Pivalate (trimethylacetic acid) administration in humans or rat has been reported to cause metabolic changes and increased urinary carnitine excretion secondary to pivaloylcarnitine generation. As pivaloylcarnitine formation is dependent on intracellular activation of pivalate, the effects of pivalate on cellular coenzyme A and acyl-CoA contents and oxidative metabolism were defined using isolated rat hepatocytes. During incubations with pivalate (1.0 mM), hepatocyte coenzyme A content fell to… CONTINUE READING
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