Metabolic control of puberty: roles of leptin and kisspeptins.

  title={Metabolic control of puberty: roles of leptin and kisspeptins.},
  author={Miguel {\'A}ngel S{\'a}nchez-Garrido and Manuel Tena-Sempere},
  journal={Hormones and behavior},
  volume={64 2},
This article is part of a Special Issue "Puberty and Adolescence". Reproduction is an energy-demanding function. Accordingly, puberty is metabolically gated, as a means to prevent fertility in conditions of energy insufficiency. In addition, obesity has been shown to impact the timing of puberty and may be among the causes for the earlier trends of pubertal age reported in various countries. The metabolic control of puberty in such a spectrum of situations, ranging from energy deficit to… CONTINUE READING
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