Metabolic changes during post-ischaemic reperfusion.

  title={Metabolic changes during post-ischaemic reperfusion.},
  author={Roberto Ferrari and Claudio Ceconi and Salvatore Curello and Anna Cargnoni and Enrico Condorelli and Sara Belloli and Alberto Albertini and Odoardo Visioli},
  journal={Journal of molecular and cellular cardiology},
  volume={20 Suppl 2},
We attempted to identify the nature and time-course of metabolic changes occurring during ischaemia followed by reperfusion either in coronary artery disease patients undergoing intracoronary thrombolysis or in isolated and perfused rabbit hearts. Arterial and coronary sinus differences for oxygen, lactate, glucose, free fatty acid and creatine kinase were measured in patients undergoing successful intracoronary thrombolysis of left anterior descending occlusion. Early reperfusion (after 160… CONTINUE READING
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