Metabolic bone assessment in patients with inflammatory bowel disease.

  title={Metabolic bone assessment in patients with inflammatory bowel disease.},
  author={Vered Abitbol and Christian Roux and Stanislas Chaussade and Serge E Guillemant and Sami Kolta and Maxime R Dougados and Daniel Couturier and B. El Hadi Amor},
  volume={108 2},
BACKGROUND/AIMS Patients with inflammatory bowel disease are at risk for osteopenia. To study the metabolic bone status of these patients, a cross-sectional study was conducted. METHODS Eighty-four patients (49 women, 35 men) with inflammatory bowel disease, 34 of whom had Crohn's disease and 50 ulcerative colitis (including 18 with prior coloproctectomy and ileoanal anastomosis), underwent clinical, dietary, and spine radiological assessments. Bone metabolism was assessed by measuring serum… CONTINUE READING


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