Metabolic and pharmacokinetic studies with fenbufen in man.

  title={Metabolic and pharmacokinetic studies with fenbufen in man.},
  author={F S Chiccarelli and H J Eisner and G E van Lear},
  volume={30 4A},
Single oral doses of 600 mg of 14C-labelled gamma-oxo(1,1'-biphenyl)-4-butanoic acid (fenbufen) were administered to three male volunteers. Additional male and female subjects received single (500-700 mg) or multiple (300-400 mg b.i.d.) doses of non-isotopically labelled drug. Fenbufen was rapidly absorbed from the gastroiintestinal tract to the extent of at least 78%. Food reduced the rate but not the extent of absorption. Peak serum concentrations of total drug related compounds were reached… CONTINUE READING