Metabolic and haemodynamic effects of dopamine plus domperidone in volunteers.


There are no studies of the relationship between infusion rate of dopamine and the arterial and venous dopamine plasma concentration and the resulting haemodynamic and metabolic effects. Dopamine was administered to seven volunteers using five infusion rates (1, 3, 6, 9, 13 micrograms/kg per minute) in an escalating sequence lasting for 30 min for each step. Since dopamine can cause nausea and vomiting, this relationship was investigated after administration of domperidone for infusion rates above 3 micrograms/kg per minute. Haemodynamic effects were assessed using 2-dimensional echocardiography. During the highest infusion rate the arterial plasma dopamine concentration reached 1,379 +/- 181 nmol/l. There was a linear correlation between the dopamine infusion rate and both the arterial and the venous plasma concentration. There was no significant change in heart rate or diastolic blood pressure. Systolic blood pressure, ejection fraction and cardiac index increased in a dose-dependent manner. Systemic vascular resistance decreased during the two low doses of dopamine and was not different from baseline values during the three high infusion rates. The plasma concentrations of glucose and non-esterified fatty acids increased from 5.3 +/- 0.4 to 0.68 +/- 0.9 nmol/l, and from 360 +/- 119 to 971 +/- 307 mumol/l, respectively, during the 13 micrograms/kg per minute infusion rate. As the plasma noradrenaline concentration increased up to 7.84 +/- 2.46 nmol/l in correlation to the dopamine plasma concentration, an indirect sympathomimetic effect may contribute to the actions of dopamine plasma concentration.


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