Metabolic and Clinical Consequences of Hyperthyroidism on Bone Density

  title={Metabolic and Clinical Consequences of Hyperthyroidism on Bone Density},
  author={Jagoda Gorka and Regina Taylor-Gjevre and Terra G Arnason},
  booktitle={International journal of endocrinology},
In 1891, Von Recklinghausen first established the association between the development of osteoporosis in the presence of overt hyperthyroidism. Subsequent reports have demonstrated that BMD loss is common in frank hyperthyroidism, and, to a lesser extent, in subclinical presentations. With the introduction of antithyroid medication in the 1940s to control biochemical hyperthyroidism, the accompanying bone disease became less clinically apparent as hyperthyroidism was more successfully treated… CONTINUE READING

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