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Meta-analysis parameters computation: a Python approach to facilitate the crossing of experimental conditions

  title={Meta-analysis parameters computation: a Python approach to facilitate the crossing of experimental conditions},
  author={Flavien Quijoux and Charles Truong and Ali{\'e}nor Vienne-Jumeau and Laurent Oudre and Franccois BERTIN-HUGAULT and Philippe Zawieja and Marie Lef{\`e}vre and Pierre-Paul Vidal and Damien Ricard},
Meta-analysis is a data aggregation method that establishes an overall and objective level of evidence based on the results of several studies. It is necessary to maintain a high level of homogeneity in the aggregation of data collected from a systematic literature review. However, the current tools do not allow a cross-referencing of the experimental conditions that could explain the heterogeneity observed between studies. This article aims at proposing a Python programming code containing… 
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