Meta-analysis of the MMPI-2 fake bad scale: utility in forensic practice.

  title={Meta-analysis of the MMPI-2 fake bad scale: utility in forensic practice.},
  author={Nathaniel W. Nelson and Jerry J. Sweet and George J. Demakis},
  journal={The Clinical neuropsychologist},
  volume={20 1},
Some clinical researchers disagree regarding the clinical utility of the MMPI-2 Fake Bad scale (FBS ) within forensic and clinical settings. The present meta-analysis summarizes weighted effect size differences among the FBS and other commonly used validity scales (L, F, K, Fb, Fp, F-K, O-S, Ds2, Dsr2 ) in symptom overreporting and comparison groups. Forty studies that included FBS were identified through exploration of online databases, perusal of published references, and communication with… CONTINUE READING

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