Meta-analysis of phosphorus balance data from growing pigs.

  title={Meta-analysis of phosphorus balance data from growing pigs.},
  author={M. SCHULIN-ZEUTHEN and Ermias Kebreab and Walter J. J. Gerrits and Secundino L{\'o}pez and Ming Z. Fan and Rui Miguel Silva Sampaio Dias and James France},
  journal={Journal of animal science},
  volume={85 8},
Many studies have highlighted concerns over current methods of determining endogenous P losses and P requirements in growing pigs. Therefore, a database containing observations on 350 pigs was assembled from various studies. Four functions for analyzing P balance data were considered: 1) a straight line, 2) a diminishing returns function (monomolecular), 3) a sigmoidal function with a fixed point of inflection (Gompertz), and 4) a sigmoidal function with a flexible point of inflection (Richards… CONTINUE READING

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