Meta-analysis of interventions to increase physical activity among cardiac subjects.


BACKGROUND Extensive primary research has tested interventions to increase physical activity (PA) among adults with cardiovascular disease. This meta-analysis integrates the extant research about how to increase PA in cardiac samples. METHODS Extensive literature searching located published and unpublished intervention studies that measured PA outcomes. Results were coded from primary studies. Fixed- and random-effects meta-analytic procedures included moderator analyses. RESULTS Data were synthesized across 11,877 subjects from 79 eligible research reports. The overall mean PA effect size for 2-group comparisons was 0.35 (higher mean for treatment than control), which is consistent with a difference of 1984 kcal/week for treatment subjects versus 1615 for control subjects. The fitness effect size for 2-group comparisons was .17. Other statistically significantly positive 2-group effect sizes were .24 for quality of life and .23 for subsequent cardiac events. Effect sizes for anthropometric measures and blood pressure did not differ significantly from 0. Exploratory moderator analyses found large effect sizes for PA among studies that had (1) an exclusive focus on PA versus diverse health behaviors, (2) more contact between interventionists and subjects, (3) supervised exercise sessions, (4) fitness testing, (5) face-to-face encounters versus mediated intervention delivery, and (6) more minutes of activity per week. Effect sizes were unrelated to funding status, dissemination vehicle, gender distribution, or attrition rate. CONCLUSIONS These findings document that interventions can be effective in increasing PA among patients with cardiovascular diseases. Primary research should compare interventions in randomized trials to confirm causal relationships.

DOI: 10.1016/j.ijcard.2008.03.052
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